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K-Street Food

A remastered version of the classic Korean street food “bungeoppang” with various fillings inside.

Heavenly Delicious

Perfect combination of crispy, chewy, and sweet.


K-Street Food

*How to air-fry Goddess Bun: 180 degrees for 10 minutes

Savory Cheese Goddess Bun

Indulge in our Savory Cheese Goddess Bun, filled with a generous portion of creamy, melted cheese that perfectly complements our signature bun’s crispy and chewy texture. This delectable treat offers a comforting and satisfying flavor experience, perfect for those who crave a savory delight.


Treat yourself to our Chocolate & Mixed Nuts Goddess Bun, filled with rich and velvety Nutella. The irresistible combination of Nutella and our crispy, chewy bun creates a heavenly dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Indulge in this delightful fusion of Korean street food and Italian sweetness for a truly unique taste sensation.


Step into a world of delectable sweetness with our Red Bean Goddess Bun. This heavenly creation features a soft and pillowy bun filled with a velvety red bean paste that will enchant your taste buds. With each bite, you’ll experience the perfect harmony of flavors and textures, as the sweetness of the red bean filling complements the slight chewiness of the bun. 

Spam Gimbap

Korean gimbap, a savory delight, combines perfectly seasoned rice, vibrant vegetables, and the rich umami of Spam, resulting in a harmonious fusion of flavors and textures that epitomizes the essence of Korean cuisine. This innovative take on a traditional dish offers a tantalizing culinary experience that showcases the creative evolution of Korean flavo

Bool-Gogi Gimbap

Bool-Gogi Gimbap is a delectable Korean dish featuring marinated beef, vibrant vegetables, and seasoned rice all expertly rolled in seaweed. This flavorful combination offers a harmonious balance of tastes and textures, encapsulating the essence of Korean cuisine in every bite.

O-Mok Gimbap

O-Mok Gimbap, also known as Korean fish cake rice rolls, is a savory and colorful delicacy that features various ingredients such as fish cakes, vegetables, and sometimes eggs, all wrapped in a thin layer of seasoned rice and seaweed. Its delightful blend of flavors and textures makes O-Mok Gimbap a popular choice for a satisfying and visually appealing snack or meal in Korean cuisine.

Some have yet to taste it, but no one has only tried it once!


Welcome to the story of Shingane, a Korean street food pick-up store that brings the authentic taste of Korea to the streets of New York City. At Shingane, we specialize in making the delicious Korean snack Goddess Bun.

We spent months perfecting the recipe for Goddess Bun, and after many taste tests and trials, we finally arrived at the perfect combination of crispy, chewy, and sweet.

We aim to become the go-to destination for Korean street food in New York City. Visit us at Shingane and taste the flavors of Korea for yourself!

Yes, We Offer Catering!

Our catering team is ready to fill your event or celebration with a custom selection of Shingane’s best creations.

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